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Everyone Needs To Read This Before Having LASIK Surgery

It is was totally unimaginable for Salvino d’Armati, when he first invented eye glasses with heavy wooden frames that one could only get rid of vision problems with only a short 15-minute process.

Yes, you read it right! Nowadays, you can see the world around you without glasses with having a very simple operation. Without getting blurry vision or suffering from any other common vision problems. From now on, you will be indeed able to enjoy watching the beauty of the world.

“How?” You may ask. I tell you; “in some minutes and by going through this writing to the end”. I want to familiarize you with LASIK Surgery. I will explain to you the right conditions for the surgery, the LASIK procedure of it, and the care before and after LASIK and its possible risks. Furthermore, all you need to know about LASIK eye I will explain to you the right conditions for the surgery, the procedure of it, and the care before and after LASIK and its possible risks.

Besides, all you need to know about LASIK eye surgery is included in this writing so that you can undergo it with complete awareness and a calm mind. surgery is included in this writing so that you can undergo it with complete awareness and a calm mind.

Why LASIK Is An Effective Way To Treat Vision Problems?

You might guess it right that you may be among those 60% of humans who deal with eye diseases. According to CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System), out of every 10 people in the world, six people use contact lenses or eyeglasses for common vision problems.Clearly, this figure is for 2012 and it is still growing due to wider use of cellphones.

Many people all over the world prefer to have LASIK to solve vision problems forever. What is the reason for this preference?

1. Most importantly, it really makes your vision better:

Let’s use figures once again: according to clinical studies on the 4,400 individuals who had conducted LASIK between 2008 and 2015, 98% of them were satisfied with it. They said their eyesight had improved significantly. The safety of this surgery is very high and it has not reported any problems or complications so far. Isn’t it great? (source).

Similarly, Dr. Kerry Solomon, head of the American Reflexology Association says: “People who come to us for LASIK surgery are almost certain that LASIK is safe and effective. In fact, they know LASIK is more effective than other methods that they have had so far.

2. Secondly, LASIK is the same as having an improved eyesight:

In the movie Captain America: Civil War, there is a debate between Chris Evans (Steve Rogers / Captain America) and Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark / Iron Man). Actually, in their discussion, Steve Rogers considers Tony’s power as technology-dependent and with a mockery tells him that he has no power without this advanced wearing. It think he’s exactly true! Doubtlessly, the controversy of these two people is exactly like those who use eyeglasses and those who undergo LASIK.

Particularly, you shouldn’t be dependent on any external instrument for seeing the world. In other words, by making your vision stronger, you can easily look at everything with your eye and enjoy the beauty of the world.

If you do work out, you may well realize that you cannot always wear glasses and wearing them may cause you some problems. When swimming, playing football and during many other activities, wearing glasses is dangerous and troublesome for you.

3. Thirdly, LASIK is cost-effective:

with a simple estimation, you will find that LASIK is economic than other methods in long term.

4. Fourthly, LASIK has a high durability:

Unlike most of the methods used to improve eyesight, when you have LASIK, your eyesight improvement will remain for a long time.

5. Fifthly, LASIK Surgery is very simple:

Honestly, I agree with you that like other surgical procedures, LASIK should have its own dangers and risks. However, unlike what you may have imagined, the good news is that LASIK is done very fast, it has low pain and is without anesthesia. Right after LASIK, you can go back to your daily routine.

6. Sixthly, LASIK surgery has few complications:

This is mostly due to the introduction of revolutionary technologies that can correct higher order aberrations and provide the doctor with 3D images of your eye or cornea to better diagnose your particular degree of refractive error.
Therefore, the advancement of the LASIK technology has reduced the risk of clinically significant visual impairment after surgery.

Three Basic Use of LASIK Surgery

Well, let’s read about the cases you can have LASIK.

1. LASIK Treats Nearsightedness (Myopia)

It’s indeed the time to wonder and make your eyes round and big! Frankly, I felt astonished as you will feel when I first realized that 30% of the world’s people have nearsightedness.

Nearsighted persons, as their name suggests, can only see clearly the close objects! Moreover, they have no problem reading books or using cellphones. But if they want to see the road sign “100 meters to Berlin Highway”, they should get as close to it as two steps.

If I really want to explain this scientifically (in spite of my inner desire), I have to say that the cornea of the near-sighted eyes is deformed into a conical shape. You can look at the photo below to better understand this. But do not do this if you do not need to know about the details. This is because the ophthalmologist examines the problem professionally and will tell you about your eye problems.

2. LASIK Is Used To Treat Far-sightedness (Hyperopia)

Actually, the percentage of people who suffer from far-sightedness is almost the same as near-sightedness. About 25% of people are far-sighted and see the far objects better than the near ones. This may be the reason why they can see the road sign “100 meters to Berlin Highway” better than from two-hundred meters away.

Far-sightedness occurs when the eyeball is too short, or the lens or cornea is misshapen. In the next few writings, we will try to explain more about farsightedness and its treatment methods.

People who want to have LASIK to treat farsightedness, should have an eye number of about 3/0.

3. LASIK Corrects Astigmatism

We all have more or less a degree of astigmatism. I, too, when using escalator or gazing at stairs, have an uncomfortable feeling of blurry vision. Annoying! For people who have astigmatism, objects appear to be relatively blurry at each distance. For this reason, it is more likely for them to oversight the Berlin highway sight.

If we want to put it in the language of a professional ophthalmologist, it should be said that the eye does not focus light evenly on the retina. This is because cornea, which is the front surface of the eye, has an irregular curve. This irregularity itself can change the way the light passes into the retina or at least cause troubles for it.

Let’s Know the Proper Conditions for the LASIK Surgery

So far, we have become familiar with the LASIK surgery, and figured out the time when we can do this surgery to treat vision problems. Now, let’s talk about specifically about the circumstances and conditions under which it is better for you to undergo LASIK. These conditions are not so strict and the probability for you to have all of them is high.

To have a successful surgery, you should have the following conditions:

• Your eyes should be in a good health (!): Well, perhaps this is a little bit of a beginner. But it’s not a bad thing to know that some eye diseases can affect the LASIK eye surgery. Diseases such as dry eye, eye swelling, Keratoconus (Conical Cornea), which affect the function of the eye.

• Your eye number should be constant: You need to keep your eye number constant for a few months (at least 6 months) so you can have LASIK. Because some of the refractive errors of the eye develop over time, it is possible to face the same refractive errors again after surgery.

That’s precisely the reason why people who are under 18 years old (and in some people up to age 22) cannot have LASIK eye surgery.

• The eye number should be at least 0.5 and a maximum of 5.0 diopters. This way, the chance of getting a better outcome of LASIK surgery enhances.

• The myopia score should not be higher than 3 or 4.

• In fact in people with astigmatism, their eye score should be at most up to 6 diopters.

• Finally, pregnancy or breastfeeding has a negative effect on LASIK surgery.

Care Before Having LASIK Eye Surgery

Let me make you sure that there is no need to go through a long, strict checklist of all of the LASIK pre and post care activities. This is because the complications of LASIK eye surgery are very little and it does not need very complicated care.

To put it simply, I have to say that in the LASIK eye surgery, your role is very limited. You just have to be careful about choosing a doctor, and have some valid information about him/her. Considering these two points, your surgery can have the best results and least complications.

After this, you only need to:

1. Do not use contact lenses at least one month before the LASIK procedure.

2. Do not use cosmetics and perfumes for a few days before surgery. Observing this simple point greatly reduces the risk of postoperative ophthalmic infections.

3. Try to attend all meetings that your doctor arranges for you and explain all your medical history to him/her in full detail. Even those that you think aren’t related to your eyes. In addition, if you take any medicine, you should inform your doctor about the amount and the time you are taking it. Finally, talk to your doctor if you use any medical lenses.

If you provide your doctor with clear information during counseling sessions, you are actually helping yourself and preventing from any possible future harm.

4. Ask your doctor to check the moisture content of your eyes. The content of moisture in the eye is effective in the LASIK surgery. This is because after the LASIK surgery, your eyes get a little dry, which is quite normal. But if your eyes are dry before the procedure, be sure to discuss this with your doctor to check the moisture content of your eyes and, if necessary, take the necessary steps to avoid following possible LASIK complications.

All That You Experience During LASIK Surgery

Until now, you have definitely been convinced about the simplicity of LASIK surgery. It will only take 15 minutes and is very simple. That is, since you wear and apply surgical overalls, until they discharge you.

While entering the operating room, you will see a special system equipped with a display, a microscope and laser next to the doctor. next, you lay on the bed and the doctor cleans around your eyes with povidone-iodine, and the proparacaine eye drops in your eyes and that’s all! You will no longer feel any pain.

After this, the doctor will put a ring around your eyes to help you keep them completely open. There is also a focused light on your eyes and the doctor has a wide and clear view on your eye.

Then the ophthalmologist, using a special laser device, starts to cut the cornea. The size of this cut depends on how weak the eyes are. Then he puts the cut cornea aside and begins to shave the subcutaneous layer to the desired level.

Finally, he returns the cut corneal layer to its place. Certainly, the recovery of this cut does not require suturing or special care, as it recovers and gets better naturally.

Take Your Postoperative Care Seriously

After LASIK surgery, even when you are discharged from the hospital, there would be no bandage in your eyes. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do any special care. I’m sure it’s also clear to you that after having LASIK (and, of course, especially the first night of the operation), you have to follow a few tips.

It may take about two to three days to return to the same favorable condition. During this period, leave work or study, and only rest and relax.

Tips To Follow After Having LASIK:

• Never rub your eyes. A few days after the operation, especially the first night, you may feel an external object inside your eyes, which is completely natural! Under these conditions, you’ll probably be tempted to touch your eyes to remove that imagined object. But don’t do it at all. Because the possibility of infection is extremely high.

• Not only your own eyes, but also don’t touch the eyes of the others. After surgery, the doctor gives you an eye drop that, if you have itching and burning eye, pour it inside your eyes. While using it, wear gloves and don’t touch the upper eyelid at all. It is better to use your lower eyelid.

• Don’t go swimming pool for at least 1 month and don’t dive for 3 to 4 months.

• You can drive one week after the surgery.

• Use sunglasses for at least 1 month and try not to be exposed to sunlight.

• For a few days after the operation, try not to work with your cellphone and laptop and do not watch TV.

LASIK Complications That May Occur

Apart from all the benefits and advantages of LASIK, some complications might happen. Fortunately, LASIK surgery complications are not so serious and can be easily resolved. In fact, All of these complications are normal and may happen to anyone who has LASIK. Unquestionably, you should just obtain enough information about them and make the right decision if facing them.

For example, if you feel burning and itching or if you have headache after the operation, just rest a little in a half-dark room and use cold compress on your eyes.

If your headache is high and unbearable, you can use painkillers such as acetaminophen codeine. (after counselling your doctor)

Another point to talk about frankly is how much LASIK meets your expectations. Depending on how serious your vision problem is and, of course, the success of your surgery, its results may be well understandable after six months.

Final Word:

Until now, you have had only one solution to see better, using eyeglasses. But today, LASIK has put a way ahead of you, with which you can easily get rid of your troublesome and annoying eyeglasses forever.

The choice between these two options is very simple. That is the choice between dependence to an external, troublesome object or improving your eyesight to see better.

At the moment, just a worry may had happened for you and that was about the procedure of LASIK surgery and LASIK complications. Nearly, all of them were answered in this writing and I hope you are convinced that there is no worries about LASIK surgery. However, if you still have any questions regarding the LASIK surgery, you can ask them in the comments section. We sincerely would be glad if we could help you.

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  • My husband has always wanted to get Lasik, so I wanted more info on the procedure and benefits! I didn’t know 98% out of 4,400 people were satisfied with the procedure after having it done. That’s a high success rate that could help my husband see better, so I’ll take him in for a consultation, thanks to this post!

    • Hi! Thanks for a comment.
      Would you tell us more about your husband’s condition? Has he ever had any treatments? How old is he?
      Send us any detailed questions you have and our consultants will help you.

      Mohammad Hossein
  • I like how you included that when you have LASIK your eyesight improvement will remain for a long time. My eyesight has been really bad in my left eye for about a year now and I’m finally deciding to find an optometrist to help. I’ll make sure to keep this in mind if they recommend for me to get LASIK surgery.

    Kate Hansen
  • hello admin,first of all thanks you so much for your beautiful article for share with with us. it is a awesome post. i think your article is the best one. i did not know properly about lasik eye surgery. but i am fully clear from your article. you just carry on.

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  • Thanks for Sharing Such a Great Blog With us. Very Informative It’s amazing. I’m so happy for you!

  • Very Informative It’s amazing. I’m so happy for you! You won’t regret it. Thanks for Sharing Such a Great Blog With us. For More Information Visit

  • Thanks for Sharing Such a Great Blog With us. Very Informative It’s amazing. I’m so happy for you! You won’t regret it.

  • Thank you for explaining that because LASIK requires consistent eyesight, teenagers often cannot get it. Over the weekend, my sister was telling me how tired she is of putting in contacts or wearing glasses every day! I will have to tell her that LASIK could be an option! She should start looking for doctors who could get her more information!

    Greta James
  • Damn informative!! Thanks for sharing such an informative post regarding LASIK surgery. It will help many who are going for LASIK surgery. Experts at Vision Associates get done my LASIK surgery: and my experience with them was amazing!! Thanks!!

  • very informative article. this is true that laser eye treatment is cost effective than long term medication. it’s simple and easier to reach. thank you for sharing.

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