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How to Successfully Deal with Knee Arthritis and Get rid of It for Ever?

It was a long time that I had an irritating pain in my knees. Every time I walked, sat down, and stood up, I got into trouble. When I referred to a physician, after examining the signs, he diagnosed arthritis.

I couldn’t believe it, getting arthritis at young age. Whenever I heard the name of arthritis, I always remembered the pain of my grandparents. So it was a little strange for me to get into trouble soon enough.

In fact, arthritis at its early stages is not as painful and terrible as to say, I’ve got arthritis! The pain develops over time. But, from the very beginning, there is a sign that can be recognized. Therefore, experiencing the pain and disease, I decided to write about osteoarthritis in this article. If you also have these symptoms, you would do everything to prevent osteoarthritis.

In this guide, I will explain to you the complete information about the early symptoms of arthritis, what to do for diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, i will talk about all of its non-surgical procedures.

The following is based on my own experience of arthritis and its treatment. I suggest you read it to the very end.

What Is Arthritis of the Knee and How Does it Happen?

To learn more about arthritis, let’s take a moment to review how knee works and then go through the conditions that osteoarthritis develops.

The knee consists of two large bones that are responsible for activities such as walking, sitting, lifting, running, and any leg-related activities. The two large bones are lined up with a tissue called “cartilage”, so that they can easily move and help us in every foot-related activity. If this tissue disappear or damage in the hipbones, arthritis appears.

As I said, at the beginning of the disease, it is not so painful but it deteriorates with long-distance walking or climbing the stair. However, if you ignore it, the disease develops, and you get osteoarthritis, which will force you to walk lamely. Therefore, it is advisable to examine the methods of diagnosis of arthritis before suffering from arthritis pain, in order to nip the issue in the bud.

Why Does Osteoarthritis Happen?

In fact, it is not always clear why does knee arthritis happen. However, it may occur due to several reasons:

  • 1. Aging: as age increases, bones become weak and susceptible. Therefore, we see knee arthritis more in middle-aged and older people.
  • 2. Gender: maybe it’s a bit strange, the women are more prone to develop osteoarthritis than men.
  • 3. Overweight: overweight and obesity bring a lot of pressure to the knees.
  • 4. Lifestyle: every which way you must accept the fact that many diseases are caused by our wrong lifestyle; sitting, sleeping, standing up and walking! For example, if you have to step up and down many times due to your occupation, or you have to sit for a long time, it is very likely that you get knee arthritis. In addition, if you do not have adequate physical activity, arthritis is waiting for you.
  • 5. Another strange case: sometimes, playing sports can cause knee arthritis! Heavy sports and non-standard sport activities put the knees under extreme pressure.

Symptoms of Arthritis

Actually, any knee pain is not arthritis! The knee arthritis has basic signs that are recognizable. The main symptom of arthritis is joint pain, which occurs immediately after waking up in the morning. When I woke up in the morning, it was impossible for me to walk for an hour, but, the pain disappeared when I went to the company and sat on the chair. In fact, when my knees were in a same position for a long time, getting out of that position was painful to me.

Besides, another symptom of arthritis is the stiffening of the knee bone. In this case, knee bones cannot move easily anymore and each movement is accompanied by pain. When the knee cartilage disappears, you are impossible to sit, climb and walk up the stairs without pain. As the knee arthritis continues progressing, these activities will be even more painful.

When knee arthritis has progressed, movement of the bones will be accompanied by some crackling noise (called crepitus) and pain, as well. You can see this in the movement of many old people. When they get up, you can hear the crackling noise with the pain they feel. At this stage of the disease, the cartilage or the tissue between the bones completely has disappeared and knee arthritis has almost reached its final stage.

If you see these signs in your knees, it’s best to go to the physician as soon as possible to check out symptoms thoroughly. The physician will usually use diagnostic methods to check your problem after examining your knee joint. Let’s take a look at the diagnostic methods that the physician may use.


There are several ways to relieve knee arthritis pain. Some of these ways are temporary and some of them permanent. Physician chooses the best method of treatment considering the severity of the disease. The point is that you should never start the treatment without a physician’s prescription. Here, we will explain how to treat arthritis, and what will happen, if you treat arthritis on your own.

Losing Weight:

As I said earlier, one of the pressures that knee bones sustain is our body weight, which, if we overweight, the pressure will increase. So, the best way to reduce this pressure is to lose weight. Having lost the weight, the pressure on the knees reduces and ultimately the pain diminishes.

Healthy Lifestyle:

If you have to keep your knees for a long time in a single position due to your work or lifestyle, it’s better to look for a solution. For example, after sitting for a long time, walk, or at least stand for a short time. Always give priority to sport in your life. (Do sport under the supervision of a professional coach, because you sometimes do the wrong exercises, which not only does not help you, but also puts a lot of pressure on your knees.)


I think we all know that one of the ways to reduce knee pain is physiotherapy. Nevertheless, physiotherapy is for the time when arthritis is intensified and its pain is almost unbearable. So, according to your physician, you will get a good treatment plan. Nowadays, the home-based physiotherapy unit is being sold, which is believed to be under the supervision of a physician and in accordance with the treatment plan. So, do not take more risk and allow a specialist to work on your knees.


Another method of treatment of osteoarthritis is the exercise in water. Moving in water causes our body to move in order to overcome the water resistance. Walking in water, aerobic exercises, and exercise in water can be considered as hydrotherapy exercises. Moving in water strengthens the bones and increases the flexibility of the body. For this reason, physicians suggest walking around the pool for many patients with knee arthritis. Swimming in a hot water pool or walking in a mineral water spa can help a lot to relieve pain. Perhaps this is the reason for the increasing popularity of spas among people who have knee pain. This method is the most economical way to reduce knee pain and, given the identification and introduction of mineral spas, access to these springs is improving.


If your knee pain is unbearable and doesn’t decrease with hydrotherapy or physiotherapy, you should seek other methods. One is arthroscopy, which is a bit strange and perhaps painful. In this method, the physician creates a half-centimeter cut on knee and inserts a small camera into the bone. The physician examines the bone condition and knee cartilage using the images that the camera sends, and performs the treatment. One of the benefits of this method is that the other parts, except knees, aren’t damaged, and also the wound on the knee is very small and recovers quickly. Considering the fact that the physician looks inside the joint through camera, his field of view is very wide, and actually sees the entire damaged part and can look at other bone parts if needed. After surgery and bandaging the cut part, the orthopedist tells you what time you can resume your activities.

Injection of Hyaluronic Acid:

I hope that this article helped you to find the way to your treatment and do not reach the final stage. But, if you could not treat your knee pain with previous methods, or if you prefer using a different method to relieve pain, I have to introduce the injection method. In this method, a fluid is injected to knee bone, causing concentration and adhesion of the cartilage. Generally, the body produces this substance naturally, and when the bone develops osteoarthritis, the amount of production decreases and the injection of this fluid compensates for this shortage. The amount of injection is determined by the physician, but we must admit that if arthritis has not progressed and is in the early stages, this method is very effective, although it also successful in the acute conditions.

Ozone therapy:

Ozone therapy is simply performed like injection of Hyaluronic acid. Ozone boosts oxygen supply in the cells, which stimulates the bloodstream and provide cells with substances they need, resulting in the cells restore. This procedure is done by a specialist physician and should be performed within a specific course of therapy. But basically, after the first or second injection, the pain of arthritis decreases.


Perhaps the last way to treat knee arthritis is knee replacement surgery. After the surgery, you can resume your activities and do the aerobic exercise again without pain.

Final Word

I suggest you to take any pain and signs of arthritis serious. If you wake up in the morning and feel pain and stiffness in your knees, go straight to the physician to treat it before it progresses. Do not underestimate arthritis pain at all. Since knee is one of the most important parts of the body and its damage is painful, it can disturb your daily activities.

Have you ever experienced this pain? What did you first do to reduce your knee pain?

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