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Having a Dream, an Incentive to Start and Continue

What made us to think big and led us to do something so that people can get better health care was our humanitarian duty. As Saadi Shirazi, the great poet of Iran says:

 Human beings are members of a whole / In creation of one essence and soul / If one member is afflicted with pain / Other members uneasy will remain            

Having the potential to solve some of the problems of the people of the world, we are striving to do our best for that purpose. We believed we could do it. Our medical system and we have the ability to provide world-class quality treatment services. For this reason, we thought of a great purpose: “the dream of everybody gaining health!”

We even used our problems and challenges as our turning points in achieving this goal! As an example, the devaluation of Iran’s currency has become an opportunity to reduce your medical costs.

At first, we knew we were on a difficult path. There was a lot of propaganda against Iran. We knew, from the very beginning, that we were not just a company pursuing our own financial goals. We represent a nation; we are the representatives of a country. We are the voice of millions of Iranians. We must all understand that despite states and politicians, there is no war or hostility among people of different countries and regions. We oppose racism and are prepared to help each other in any way. We want to show our country and its beauties to the people all around the world. We also want to tell the world that love and life are going on in Iran. There is peace, security, prosperity and friendship here in Iran.

The International Standard of Healthcare, Now at a New Level

By gathering the best specialist doctors and preparing the first-class medical equipment, we went beyond existing standards and defined a new level and generation of healthcare in the world. By designing a new service delivery platform, we save up to 70% of your healthcare costs, in comparison with traditional platforms. One of the features of this system is eliminating the waiting list.

We Turn the Innovative Ideas of Therapeutic System into Revolutionary Features

By constantly assessing the treatment system in different countries and by identifying the therapeutic challenges of many people, we offer them creative ways to help them regain their health. Hence, all our services are built with respect to the needs of individuals. In a world where everyone is thinking of selling more, we are always trying to improve through innovation and focus on the development of our services.

More Power, Results from Continuous Growth

Before we provide the public with our services, we make sure that these services are the best of their kind around the world. Inspired by this method, we were able to make all the impossibilities in the traditional therapeutic system possible. Moreover, we are constantly improving our work quality to improve the status quo.

We Will Use Our Knowledge and Experience for Your Improvement

A 20-year experience in the field of digital admissions and services in hospitals and health centers of Iran and years of research into global treatment systems has now enabled us to take the risk of making creativities and use it to achieve our humanitarian aspirations.

We have even taken steps to improve the health tourism industry; we will share all the data we have or have gathered clearly, so that others can use our leadership and management methods and experience.

Our Comprehensive Instructive Programs to Raise Awareness of Medical Information

We have prepared free instructive programs for millions of people all over the world. These programs are in different languages ​​to increase their level of medical information, which will increase their quality of life as well. We expect ourselves to give individuals a deeper awareness of their health and to teach them skills they need to manage their health.

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