Medical Tourism in IRAN

The Newest Generation of Health Care Services in the World

Our health care services have made it much easier for you to get healthier. We will allow you to overcome your illnesses easily and without being involved in any other medical treatment steps. Now you can only focus on your health without previous worries, during and after the treatment course.

More Beauty and Power; from Now on at your Disposal

Overcoming your diseases, your body would no longer be a limitation for you, but a powerful tool for realizing your dreams. Our treatment team, using the most up-to-date knowledge and the best technologies, will help you to do some great work with your body again.

Get rid of Old Waiting List System

When treatment is delayed, the stress of events that may occur in the future will increase. But it’s no longer necessary to wait even for a day to begin your treatment period. Beginning your treatment as soon as possible is our priority. The treatment centers will welcome you as special guests.

Reduce Medical Expenses, Make a Better Life

Not always higher qualities cost higher prices for you! Our health care services will lower your costs despite having best quality. Compared with your own country, you will pay less for a full medical journey (including treatment, hotel, flights and nutrition). By this, you can save 30 to 70 percent of your money and that’s amazing!

Everything you Want for a Good Trip is Ready for you

We have reviewed all your needs for treatment abroad and provided you with them. We accompany you in all of the steps before you in your medical travel, including the start of your journey, your treatment procedures and complete recovery. We will help you to reach your aims of travelling Iran.

Buying Tickets

With a few simple clicks, you can buy your trip tickets online. You should only select the departing place, destination and the means of your travel (airplanes, trains and buses) and then, choose the most appropriate ones among the list.

Booking Hotels

You can simply choose your accommodation location among over 500 top Iranian Hotels. Using our reservation system, you can see the full details, features, pictures and locations of hotels on the map and make informed choices.

Accompanying Translators

An effective communication is created with words. To be able to communicate in a positive way with people in Iran, our translators will speak your language and accompany you all the time.



Experience the taste of the best Iranian dishes, or enjoy the same favorite dishes of your own country at the finest Iranian restaurants. On our platform, you can have access to over 1,500 different menus of Iranian and foreign cuisine.

Taxi Online

We provide the fastest, safest and most cost-effective intracity online taxi application. With our taxi online system, you can choose among different types of cars in every time of the day and night, every day of the week and as long as you want.


Surprise your family and friends by taking a souvenir from Iran. By doing this, you tell them: “though you were not accompanying me in my travel, I remembered you and you were missed”. Our store helps you to buy the best quality and most famous souvenirs of Iran.

Travel to Iran, the Land You Will Love

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